July 1994 - June 1995

Submitted by: Daniel P. Faigin

This report summarizes the activities of ACM/SIGSAC during the past year. It is written as part of ACM/SIGSAC's annual reporting requirements. It presents our technical highlights and successes, as well as our plans for the future.

The scope of ACM/SIGSAC is the control of access to computing resources, user and resource authentication, risk analysis, testing and certification of computer systems, transaction logging, data reduction, data encryption, control over program development and operation, multilevel security systems, and architectural foundations for secure systems.

ACM/SIGSAC supports the overall goals of the ACM by providing activities that support advancement of the art of Computer Security and serve to improve the competence of Computer Security Practitioners, while promoting the free interchange of ideas. SIGSAC does this through special projects, publications, and conferences.


The ACM/SIGSAC Newsletter, SIGSAC Review, was published on a regular schedule during this period under the able editorship of Catherine Meadows of the Naval Research Laboratory. Paper topics have included the following:

We've also had numerous conference reviews and calls for papers published.


ACM/SIGSAC has been involved with two primary special projects: Computer Security Day, and the Security Criteria Development.

3.1. Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day (CSD) is an initiative started in 1988 by the Washington DC SIGSAC Chapter to make the community aware of Computer Security. It has since been adopted as a ACM/SIGSAC activity. It is observed the first working day of December. By writing a letter to the CSD coordinator, participants receive a poster and suggestions for ways to observe the day. Official participants in the CSD included organizations from 11 different countries and a majority of the states. We also had a number of mayoral declarations for CSD.

It should be highlighted that the Washington DC Chapter of SIGSAC received a Quality Chapter Award from the Local Activities Board in 1995.

The coordinator of this activity is Lee Ohringer (

3.2. Security Criteria Development

No new criteria have been developed during the reporting period.


One of the goals of ACM/SIGSAC was to improve its visibility in the conference and workshop area. We feel that we have done this with our new conferences.

During this reporting period, ACM/SIGSAC was involved in a sponsorship capacity with four conferences/workshops, and an in-cooperation category with one other conference:

SIGSAC plans to continue to be involved in these conferences in the future.




ACM/SIGSAC had no special educational activities during the year.


Four years ago, SIGSAC had a negative fund balance on the order of ($30,000). Through prudent fiscal management and successful conferences, the SIG currently has a fund balance in the range of $12,000 to $15,000.

In terms of officers, the SIG fielded a full slate (two candidates for each office) of qualified candidates for the term beginning July 1, 1995.

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